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Monte Rink - In Memorium

Monte Rink passed away on October 12, 2021

Monte was instrumental in the success of BPA.  With us from the beginning, we are proud to keep him and his memory as part of our team.  He will be greatly missed by everyone here; he was a great friend, broker, and embodied everything we stand for.

Monte was greatly invested in enriching the lives of children – his own and others that he considered his own. With his kids, there was rarely an event that he missed. Outside of family time, he dedicated his talents to coaching other athletes in multiple sports, some of which he had never played. Many kids experienced Coach Mondo’s positive influence in basketball, Bloomington Cardinals junior football, flag football, soccer, and Central Catholic volleyball. He will be remembered for how many kids he inspired, through his guidance and love, to be the best version of themselves and to always have fun.

Monte collected many friends from all aspects of his life. It was amazing to watch how engaged he was in everyone’s life. He was the cruise director planning all holidays and vacations, and the host with the most – always making sure you had a fresh drink in your hand. Monte had a nickname for almost everyone. He was the guy you called when you needed…anything. He’d say, “I got a guy for that”. There was also the “Mondo way” to do whatever it was…cooking, raking leaves, painting, applying sunscreen, eating a hot dog (with peanut butter…for real).  Monte leaves a great legacy of loyalty, tenacity, and love to his wife and children.